What are the types of Facebook pages and which category is right for your business?

Facebook page types explained What are the types of Facebook pages and which category is right for your business?In the process of starting a Facebook page for your business or company, many get stuck when it comes to selecting the right Facebook page type, let alone choosing from the long list of page categories! The good news is you can change your page type later if you get it wrong, but getting it right from the start will mean Facebook automatically gives your business the most relevant information page to complete. This helps your fans find you or your business and find out what they want to know about you, and gives you the chance to share exactly what you want fans to know; plus it helps with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to get more love from search engines like Google.

In this article you’ll find a detailed explanation of each of the Facebook page types to help you select the best match for your business… There are 6 Facebook page types, which look like this (screenshot below). Clicking on each one on the Facebook ‘create a page’ screen will show you a drop down list of categories to select from (get to the page by going to www.facebook.com/pages then click the grey ‘+Create Page’ button): FB 2 page types1 What are the types of Facebook pages and which category is right for your business?

 The Facebook business page types are:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Company Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Following is a detailed description of each page type as well as tips to help you decide which is right for your business. TIP: Make sure you read through all the page types before you decide as you may match more than one category or a particular page type might not seem like the best match at first glance, until you go through the category list:

The Local Business or Place Facebook page type explained

FB 3 local business What are the types of Facebook pages and which category is right for your business?

If you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ store and want people to physically visit you, click the Local Business or Place page type.

TIP: If you have an online business or store then ‘Company Organization or Institution’, or ‘Brand or Product’ will be a better match for you (more about these types of Facebook pages follow below).

Once you click the ‘Local Business or Place’ square, you’ll be able to ‘choose a category’ (shown in the screenshot above).

A long list of business categories is provided to select from, including:

      • Attractions/Things To Do
      • Bank
      • Bar
      • Book Store
      • Concert Venue
      • Food / Grocery
      • Hotel
      • Local Business
      • Movie Theatre
      • Musuem/Art Gallery
      • Outdoor Gear/Sporting Goods
      • Real Estate
      • Restaurant / Café
      • School
      • Shopping / Retail
      • Spas/Beauty/Personal Care and many more.

TIP: If you can’t find something relevant from the category list choose ‘Local Business’ instead.

The ‘Local Business or Place’ page type gives extra info page options for you to fill out, including your open hours, parking options and the ability for people to ‘check in’ using Facebook Places when they visit you in person. A count of people who have checked in will appear on your page next to your Like (fan) count.

Once you’ve selected your best match page type category, complete the boxes below:

      1. Type your company name in ‘Business or Place’
      2. Fill in your ‘Street Address’
      3. Enter your town / city / state into the ‘City/State’ box
      4. Type your post code or zip code in the ‘Zip Code’ box
      5. Enter your phone number in the ‘Phone’ box
      6. Tick the ‘I agree to Facebook Page Terms’
      7. Click ‘Get Started’

TIP: You will be able these fields later in case you make a mistake or your address or contact details change.

The Company Organization or Institution Facebook page type explained

FB 3 company page What are the types of Facebook pages and which category is right for your business?

If your business isn’t the type that needs to attract foot traffic to your physical premises, or you have more than one location which may have a variety of addresses and open hours (such as a franchise); then Company Organization or Institution is usually the better page type to choose compared to Local Business or Place.

You can add the ability for people to check in using Facebook Places to your page after set-up (whereas the Local Business of Place page type includes Facebook Places automatically for you as part of setup which is a lot simpler and faster).

Once you’ve clicked this square, you’ll be given a list of business page categories to select from, which include:

      • Automobiles and Parts
      • Church
      • Company
      • Computers/Technology
      • Consulting/Business Services
      • Cause
      • Food/Beverages
      • Health/Beauty
      • Insurance Company
      • Internet/Software
      • Legal/Law
      • Non-Profit Organization
      • Retail and Consumer Merchandise
      • Media/News/Publishing
      • Travel/Leisure and many more.

TIP: If you can’t find a specific category to match your business, select one of the general categories – Company, Organization or Small Business – depending on which is the best match for how your customers see you, or how you want them to see you.

Once you’ve found the best match category:

      1. Enter your business name in the ‘Company Name’ box
      2. Tick that you agree to the Facebook Page Terms
      3. Then click the ‘Get Started’ button

TIP: If you’re a purely eCommerce business, only sell online and only through your own website (ie: your products are not sold on other people’s websites or stores); then select this category rather than Local Business or Place or Brand or Product page types. If your products are sold through multiple websites, resellers and/or retailers then the Brand or Product page type may be a better match (see below).

The Brand or Product Facebook page type explained

 FB 4 brand product What are the types of Facebook pages and which category is right for your business?

If your products are sold through more than one website or stocked by more than one reseller / retailer (or will be in the future), select the ‘Brand or Product’ page type.

This is the right page type for products with brand names and is where the likes of Apple, Coca Cola, Maybelline and Adidas hang out.

Start by selecting your best match page category, which includes:

      • App
      • Appliance
      • Baby Goods/Kids Goods
      • Cars
      • Clothing
      • Electronics
      • Food/Beverages
      • Furniture
      • Games/Toys
      • Health/Beauty
      • Jewelry/Watches
      • Kitchen/Cooking
      • Pet Supplies
      • Vitamins/Minerals and many more.

TIP: If you can’t find the right category choose Product/Service but do make sure you check out the categories under other page types first in case another page type has a closer match category for your business.

Once you’ve selected your category:

      1. Enter your brand or product name
      2. Tick that you agree to the Facebook Page Terms
      3. Click the ‘Get Started’ button

The Artist, Band or Public Figure Facebook page type explained

FB 5 public What are the types of Facebook pages and which category is right for your business?

If your page will be focused on and/or promoting you or if you’re an artist or a band, this is the right page type to select.

Click the ‘choose a category’ box and a long list of page categories is provided, including:

      • Actor/Director
      • Artist
      • Athlete
      • Author
      • Business Person
      • Chef
      • Coach
      • Doctor
      • Entertainer
      • Journalist
      • Lawyer
      • Musician/Band
      • Politician
      • Teacher
      • Writer and many more.

TIP: Depending on the category you choose, different information can be completed at the next stage. For example, if you select ‘Politician’ you’ll be able to complete information such as ‘political affiliation’ and ‘views’.

Once you’ve chosen your category:

      1. Fill in your name (or your band / character’s name)
      2. Tick that you agree to the Facebook page terms
      3. Then click the ‘Get Started’ button

TIP: If your page is intended to promote your book, the Entertainment page type (see below) is likely to offer a better match. For example, if you select the category ‘Book’ from the Entertainment category list, your info page will include the option of including your ISBN number.

The Entertainment Facebook page type

FB 6 entertainment facebook page type What are the types of Facebook pages and which category is right for your business?

This category is for you if you’re business is classed as entertainment, such as a TV show, movie, book, radio station or magazine.

Click the ‘choose a category’ box and select from the options Facebook provides, which include:

      • Album
      • Book
      • Concert Tour
      • Library
      • Magazine
      • Movie
      • Radio Station
      • Record Label
      • Sports Venue
      • TV Channel
      • TV Show and many more.

Once you’ve selected your best-match category for your business:

      1. Type in the name of your station / book /  show etc
      2. Tick the ‘I agree to Facebook Page Terms’ box
      3. Then click the ‘Get Started’ button

The Cause or Community Facebook page type

FB 7 cause or community facebook page type What are the types of Facebook pages and which category is right for your business?

The last page type is Cause or Community, but unlike the other types there is no drop down of categories to select from.

If you’re a not-for-profit or charity organisation, I’d therefore recommend you check out the options you have if you selected ‘Local Business or Place’, ‘Company Organization or Institution’ and ‘Brand or Product’ instead.

Categories like:

      • Non-Profit Organization
      • Cause
      • Health/Medical/Pharmaceuticals

are all under Company Organization or Institution which might be a better match for you.

Also look for:

      • Community/Government
      • Church/Religious Organization
      • Education
      • Health/Medical/Pharmacy
      • Hospital/Clinic

which are all under the Local Business or Place page type.

It’s worth carefully going through the list of each page type (just click on each square to view the categories) to find your perfect match, as having the right category can be more important versus the most relevant page type, as it’s your category that defines the information boxes Facebook asks you to complete after you’ve clicked ‘Get Started’.

I hope going through a more detailed explanation of each of the Facebook page types has helped you decide what’s best for your business.

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  1. says

    Hi, this info is great, thank you.
    I’ve recently created a fan page for my university’s cheerleading squad. However, I’ve definitely picked the wrong ‘type’ of page since it comes under ‘places’ and not ‘page.’ Is there a way to change the page type without starting all over again?

  2. says

    First of all thanks for the awesome write up.
    I also have a question for you.
    If the site is to drive traffic to a physical location, which would you choose.
    The site is designed to help generate leads, so I’m trying to see which category of Facebook would be best.

    Ie., car dealership, site works as community/posts/inventory but customer always has to come to the dealership.



  3. Sofia says


    Thank you for this post!!
    I was wondering if you could help with two problems I have encountered that I think are related to this topic.

    I have created a page in the companies & organizations category and I am trying to change it to Event Planning/Event Services which I have seen in other facebook pages but I can’t find it anywhere, do you know where it is?

    I cannot find the search bar that normally appears on the top of the page like in personal pages? Does this not exist for company facebook pages? How to you search and “like” other pages?

    Thanks for letting me know.

    Sofia Smith
    Greetings from Barcelona, Spain

  4. Phil C says

    Awesome information. You can change the page type under ‘Edit Page’, then select ‘Update Info’. The Edit Page can be access in the top right hand corner on the homepage.

  5. Dvinechild says

    Yu mentioned that you can change page type, but do yu know if this is still applicable? I am unable to find out how to get to this info via Facebook. I set up a page as local but should have been a company/org page. Please advise.

  6. Silvia says

    Which is the best page type for a page about a Theatre Play or musical?

    I know that only some pagr type can be tagged in post (for example entertainment/website type). Do you know which one?

  7. says

    Great article, I’ve referred to it several times already!

    I really don’t like that there is no way to get a business’ URL on on the Timeline if you choose local business. It seems crazy that you have to click on “About”, when there is so much room left under the address, category, etc.

    Do you know any way around this, other than choosing a different business page type?

  8. Lars Gregersen says

    Hi there,
    do you know how to get the category of “theatre” for a page?
    I know it exists as I have seen some pages have that category, but I am unable to find it. Now I am stuck in the problem of getting put into the category “community” which they say is because it supposedly is “just for fun”, but the page is for a professional performing arts company.
    Please help, thanks!

  9. karthik says

    i wanted to create a page on facebook where people cannot see who had posted that post ??? could you help me out ??????

  10. Cake Maker says

    Hi, I am attempting to start a facebook page to promote my cake making/decorating business. Any suggestions on the category to use would be great and also, I dont want to publish my mobile number yet everytime I select No Number, Im prompted to enter a valid mobile number. Thanks in advance for any suggestions

  11. pawel says


    I want to make fan page of our game development studio. I don’t know which category to choose! Some game devs choose Computer/Technology, others Games/Toys and others Software/Internet.

    Help me! :)

  12. Sarah says

    Thks for such a great info, tht make me more clear abt page.i have recently set up an online page selling some products, I set as local business but it seems not the rgt choice? Could u advise whts the rgt choice to select and has already set how to change it?? Thks!

  13. says

    Excellent and well thought out post. I’ve referred a couple of my clients here that have been struggling with the right FB page type. I would love it if you could follow up with screenshots that show each page type as it appears on a PC or MAC and then a side by side with how the same page appears on a mobile device.

    One of the biggest challenges with Facebook for businesses is the unpredictability and (unwelcomed) surprise of how a perfectly planned business page can be so wrong when it shows up in a mobile device.

    Thanks again for all your effort and feel free to add me to your contact list if you are ever able to provide more FB for business tips.

  14. Linda Pizzale says

    This info is so very helpful. I do have a question that I’m hoping you can support me with. I am creating a Page for my business and I’m wanting to use the email associated with my website but when I add it to the appropriate field it won’t accept it and say to use a ‘valid’ email. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  15. Peter Nosko says

    This info was helpful to a point, being someone that never used fb before. I emailed Will per his PPS, and he answered all my questions and found some good references to help me get my business page going.

    Will, you rock!

  16. Kristen Beals says

    Hi All,

    I was curious how to change the page type once it has been created, so I went into Facebook and found out for myself! Here is where the setting lives:

    (You can be using Facebook as the admin user or the business to access)
    Go to Edit Page: Edit Settings
    Click on Basic Information
    Category: Local Business <<< This is where the page type can be updated using a drop down menu.

    I hope that helps!!

  17. MKW says

    Hi, great information, very helpful, thank you.

    Before I create my page — does anybody know if there is a way to “hide” your page or make it private. I would like to build it out, and get it looking right before launching.

    Any advice appreciated, thanks.

  18. Richard says

    I am developing a community organization page. Is there any way to get around the inability to be tagged? I have been told only product and brand pages can be tagged. Are there work-arounds or other methods?



  19. Susan King says

    I still can’t work out what category to put a Festival in Facebook. I am running a Lute Festival. The Lute is an instrument from the Renaissance and Baroque. So it is a music festival but I can’t see any categories for that. Can anyone help?

  20. Sinan says

    I am trying to setting up a Page on Facebook. But, couldn’t find the correct category about my business. I am selling smoking pipes. What would be the best available category? And, where to find it?
    Thank you!

  21. Kshitij J says

    Very great info. But had one problem. I have an entertainment page. I wanted to know if Facebook charges extra money for running that page. And if it charges, then how much would it charge. Or is running an fb page is free?
    Plz help.


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