The 4 people your website needs to speak to

Copywriting for the 4 customer types The 4 people your website needs to speak toYou can probably name a few different personality profiling systems. One example is the popular Myers Briggs that many businesses use to evaluate potential employees.

The way you go about making your buying decisions online also relates to your personality.

Most of us fall into 1 or 2 of the following 4 groups when it comes to the methods we use to evaluate products, services and suppliers before we make our decision.

So which one are you?


You zoom around a company’s website, seemingly erratically but you’re actually looking for the exact information you need. You’re keen to find out how you could get the edge from the products and services they offer. You’re curious, goal-oriented and eager to try new products and services. You’ll give new suppliers a go. You rarely have the patience to read through all the waffle and just want to get straight to the good stuff.


You can’t resist reading the reviews and testimonials first. You value the recommendations of friends and family very highly. You tend to be loyal to a small number of companies that you purchase from time and again. You feel most comfortable when you know everyone and everything is safe. Others probably tell you to stop worrying about them and think about yourself more often!


You’re that person who has everything organised. You’re the detail-oriented amongst us. You love lots of information so you can thoroughly research before you buy. You’ll be looking out for the facts, the evidence – not just the sales hype. In fact, if someone pushes you too hard you’ll probably head elsewhere. Simple, ‘no fluff’ marketing appeals to you. You’re a car salesman’s worst enemy.

Many find ourselves in the Disciplined group when it comes time to part with a lot of money, even if we usually live in one of the other groups for general purchases.


Say hello to the fun kid inside us all. You are a trend follower, an early adopter. You value word-of-mouth and are prone to jumping into purchases without always thinking everything through. You know what you want and once you’ve made up your mind, you want it now. Patience is rarely one of your virtues. Other people’s opinions tend to matter more than the facts. You’ll readily try something first then tell everyone about it.

Did you read about the 4 groups above and find you share tendencies from more than 1 group?

That’s because the way you bought your last car or your first house, is going to be a very different process than choosing a chocolate bar while standing in line at the supermarket.

Yet many websites only talk to 1 of these 4 buying methods, which, surprise surprise, often matches the profile of the person who wrote your copy.

But by doing that, you’re excluding potentially ¾ of your customers, or at the very least putting up some significant brick walls to customer engagement!

Smart copywriting speaks to all 4 customer groups in the right order, because it’s not just about what you say, but who you speak to first.

There’s no point carefully outlining your services in great detail for your Disciplined customers, and then speaking to your fast-paced, less patient Impulsive and Ambitious types. Disciplined and Considered customers don’t mind scrolling down and going through a few pages to find out what they need to know. However, your Ambitious and Impulsive customers will  be long gone if you don’t address their desires first.

Now all this does not mean you have to throw away the current copy on your site. No doubt it is mainly focused on 1 or 2 of your customer types already, so all you need to do is add to it, in the right order, and watch your conversion rate grow (that’s the percent of visitors to your site than you persuade to take action, such as making a purchase or picking up the phone).

If you’d like help tweaking your copy, or if you do feel the need to start from scratch, feel free to get in touch with the team at Orchid.

Copyright Anna Gervai, Orchid Web Design, February 2010


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