Are you losing fans? How to find out using Facebook’s secret negative feedback data

negative feedback facebook insights1 Are you losing fans? How to find out using Facebooks secret negative feedback data

Hiding within the Facebook Insights area of your company’s Facebook page is your engagement per post data, and hiding within that is your negative feedback data.

If you had never heard about negative feedback till now, then you’re not alone, so spread the word by sharing this article with those on your team who manage your page and with other business owners and admins in your network.

Here’s how to find out what your negative feedback rating is per post, what it means and why you should be worried

How to view your Negative Feedback data in Facebook Insights

Not only is this metric largely unknown, it’s also trickier to find than other data in the insights area of your page, hence my comment about it being secret, so bear with me here…

1 – Make sure your admin panel is showing at the top of your page first. If it isn’t, just click the ‘Admin Panel’ button top right.

2 – See the insights area bottom middle in the admin panel? Click ‘See All’ in the insights area in order to view your full insights data.

3 – You’ll be taken to the insights home page. Scroll down on that page and you’ll see the ‘Page Posts’ area which is a list of all your page posts (something like the screenshot below).

4 – The 4th column from the left is called ‘Engaged Users’. Just click on the number of engaged users for any particular post and voila! The breakdown of how many people engaged with you – including negative feedback engagement – appears.

I know, engagement sounds like a positive metric right? Sadly, not always…

Here’s how it looks:

negative feedback facebook insights 300x211 Are you losing fans? How to find out using Facebooks secret negative feedback data
Click to view larger image


So for the post above, 42 users engaged with the post, 2 of which gave negative feedback.

What does negative feedback measure?

This isn’t an all-inclusive measurement of negative feedback and does not measure sentiment in the way you might be used to with other measurement tools; however you should still be very worried if you’re regularly seeing negative feedback of any kind on your posts.

It’s important to check exactly which posts are attracting the negative behaviour in order to learn what’s helping and what’s harming your page.

At best that post reduced your audience, at worst it caused you to lose fans. Either way it’s bad news!

Negative feedback measures people who took the following actions from a particular post:

  • hid that one post from their news feed
  • hid all posts from your page from appearing in their news feed
  • unliked your page
  • reported your post as spam

When people make an effort to dislike something, they usually really, really dislike it.

Think about your own news feed. When you see a post that doesn’t interest you, what do you normally do? The usual action is no action, you simply ignore posts that don’t interest you.

So if your fans are hiding your posts or worse, then something serious is going wrong!

Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t break down the actions into more detail than just a total number of people who took a negative action or gave negative feedback, but given how much it takes to push fans to take one of the above actions, I’m sure you can now see why negative feedback should have you worried and no doubt keen to find out your own data.

As painful as this particular metric is, I’d certainly rather know what’s hurting my page than be in the dark. So go check out your negative feedback data now and let the learning begin!

You can also watch this short video tutorial for how to access your page insights and negative feedback data:


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  1. Cindy Lietz says

    Hi Anna, great post! Is there a way to find out who these people giving the negative feedback are? I consistently get 4 or so negative feedbacks on almost every post no matter the topic. I suspect it is from my competition who are only liking me to keep up with what I’m doing and blocking my posts so their customers don’t see them. All written comments and interactions I get are very positive, so this feedback is most likely unwarranted. I would love to see who these negative people are so I can know what is actually real feedback and what is just people being spiteful.

  2. Jennifer says

    While it looks bad it may not be all that bad. I have liked a lot pages by fellow photographers. So many in fact that they were cluttering my news feed to point I could no longer see my friends and families updates. So I have hidden the photographers pages from my regular feed and created a separate list where I can see them all at once, and still see my friends and family in my news feed.

  3. says

    Ive been watching these metrics closely and due to the political nature of my Facebook page I determined that these actions are not as bad for political pages. Here’s why: When a post is shared by someone who likes my site, they likely have friends who strongly disagree with it and hide the post in their feed or in some cases report it as spam. In this situation, a political page shouldn’t mind losing people in the reach who aren’t going to ever agree with its cause. Businesses want to appeal to everyone no matter what, but this is a different business. Still, thanks for the advice!

  4. Joe Alan Lester says

    Thank you for writing this article.
    I would say its important to track the trend.
    If dislikes occur in a growing number, find out why.
    Also analyse the way how you did get these friends (likes ) in the first place.
    They may have gotten a different impression about what your page offers to them, and now they realize they don’t wanna get their feeds clattered with content they don’t care about.

    Many companies are looking to get likes no matter what it costs. One factor of that costs is loosing likes as fast as they had been built.
    I prefer to grow the number of likes in a natural way. Build a connection to your readers buy delivering valuable content they care about, be specialist in something they are interested in and stay in contact. Listen to them. And be yourself.

  5. Jess says

    Or it could be because your post went “viral” on FB. You have your “organic reach” (people who viewed your page who are already fans) and then your “viral reach” (people who saw your post who aren’t fans – due to a friend who it a fan commenting or liking). Just yesterday I had one fan comment on a photo I posted. I then got an explosion of viral hits even over the number of people who like my page (I need to engage that fan more often!). My educated guess is that someone who isn’t a fan saw the comment of the fan in their feed and didn’t like it, for whatever reason. Obviously, I can’t be 100% sure, but I’m not too worries about it.

  6. JC says

    I just got many new fans over the last two days and I lost 10 that same day, after I had posted some nature/outdoor photos I have taken for inspiration for my crafts, etc. :/ It was kind of disheartening. Then, I find out about this and found out that I got a lot of negative feedback on that post… Ugh. It’s like, why like my page in the first place? It clearly shows what it’s about… Crafts and photos.

  7. says

    I personally don’t let these stats bother me or even really pay attention. If someone hides my page or posts from their news feed or even unlikes my page, they aren’t a real fan. I would rather have a close nit of fans, that a whole bunch who never engage with me on my page. IMO. I am me, I will not change for anyone. If someone doesn’t like it, oh well. There’s more where they came from:)

  8. says

    shared this on a group that i admin for the set up of FB pages for pampered Chef consultants. Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. says

    It’s not really secret or the end of the world. Unless there are loads then it’s just a natural thing. some people realise you aren’t right for them, they have different views or they move into another stage of their life. The important thing is to keep an eye on it every now and then to monitor any spikes in it.

  10. says

    Thanks for a very useful article – and to all those who’ve added some interesting and informative comments too.
    Surely the importance of negative feedback is also relevant to the number of views that post attracts.
    I’m a newcomer to Facebook Pages and I first spotted negative feedback on a post which attracted over a thousand views. (Much higher than they normally attract).
    Bearing in mind that my page is only a few days old, and I’ve been sending out about a hundred or so invitations per day for people to like the page, I guess two negative feedback strikes is more than acceptable.
    (Two out of seventy six “Engaged Users” – whatever one of those is).
    Beginning to understand how FB works now.

  11. says

    I find no rhyme or reason to the negative feedback on my facebook page. I know that before I understood what was going on, I would often hide others posts if I felt they crowded my feed with things that my audience would not be interested in. I think that the majority of hides have little to do with what people think about your post or page. Unfortunately it seems that FB is using it, to what extent who knows, as a basis to decide how many see our posts. That is problematic because of the fact that someone can maliciously hide or block posts OR not even do it purposefully. That little block icon looks vaguely similar to a “close” button. I’d be interested in knowing the weight FB gives to these negative feed backs and how many are considered normal, percentage wise.

  12. Adam says

    Your information is correct but your logic is flawed and you are spreading unnecessary fear. Maybe for your page of 1189 fans this is an issue but for my page of 122,000 organic and engaged fans, this is a non issue.

    With that many people, you simply cannot please all of them and invariably there will be content some will not like.

    For example, 3 days ago I reached 1.2 million people with a specific upload. Within that, 144,704 users were engaged and within that again, 164 gave negative feedback.

    Do I give a crap? Not a single crap was given because the less than a single percentage of people reacting negatively are nothing but an insignificant statistic since it is beyond doubt that the majority of people enjoyed the content.

    The other thing you are not explaining is that a great deal of this “disliking of content” may actually come from the viral traffic that is viewing the post through a third party that is not a part of your core user base. Did you think about that??

    Same example again… 1,200,000 reached, 70,000 of that is organic traffic. That is around 60% of my total reader base ( which is pretty damn good considering I don’t pay to promote ) so are you taking these viral numbers into account when trying to get people worried? Fans of pages are less likely to dislike your content than those who are viewing through viral sharing.

    So in reality the concern even for a page of our size is completely negligible.

    The moral of the story? Having negative feedback is nothing to be scared or worried about. It’s just human nature to dislike something if you don’t like it. Those are the people you don’t need on the page and remember that you can’T please everyone. That’s impossible.

  13. Musician says

    Hi, I came over this great article as I have some problems with Facebook pages.
    I am a musician, and fb pages is really my reach to the world and very important. It´s receiving steady “likes” as well.
    Problem is: Inisghts says 88 are talking about it, while on the actual fb page it says less number. Also in insights; one of the posts made recieved 4 likes on timeline view BUT insight says 16 likes, 11 comments and 3 shares regarding the same post.
    I am really confused and above all worried as I might have “lost” likes,shares,and in the long run fans. Does anybody have a similar problems?
    It is not only this one post – 3 more posts with same problem.
    I have reported it to facebook, but don´t really know If I get an answer.
    Anyone having the same issue?
    I am so worried that my page might be “wrongly programmed” for whatever reason, and I have to start a new one….

  14. says

    I have the same problem as Musician, my insights say 20 people are talking about my page yet it only says that 5 people are talking about it on my page that everyone can see. Doesn’t seem to update regularly which is annoying. It updates what I can see when I click on insights with the correct dates but when you look down at the graph it’s like a week and a half behind?? Annoying.


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