Free Facebook advertising you’re missing out on

you like this Free Facebook advertising youre missing out onYou have 5 places to advertise your company on Facebook for free that you’ve looked at countless times but may never have thought of, or known how to take advantage of: your photo strip.

Seen right at the top of page by every fan when they view your Wall, right there in prime real estate, are 5 squares (well, rectangles to be exact) of golden opportunity. To get you started with ideas and inspiration, following are a collection of some of the creative ways other companies are using their photo strip for free ads, as well as tips for how to use these techniques for your company Facebook page.

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Once you’ve pimped your Facebook photo strip, you’re welcome to come back here and add a link to your page in the comments below. That way you can show off your creativity and also get extra traffic to your Facebook page from other readers.

What’s your goal?

Sure, you can pimp your photo strip just to make your page look pretty, but why not use the 5 images to achieve your business goals at the same time?

Here are some of the most popular goals your photo strip can help you achieve:

  • boost your sales
  • increase awareness of your products and services
  • advertise your latest offer
  • grow your email database
  • direct fans to your blog or website, getting them one step closer to becoming a customer or repeat customer…

So don’t start your next Facebook advertising campaign, create a new Facebook landing page or invest in an awesome Facebook app, before you’ve take advantage of what Facebook gives you for free…

Facebook page photo strip ideas

Goal: Feature your products


Coastal Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

Here’s a great example from Coastal of how to feature selected products using your photo strip.

TIP: See all that lovely white space around each pair of glasses? By putting your products on a white background instead of a coloured background you effectively ‘remove’ the border around each photo, focusing the eye on your products.


Nikon Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

Here’s the same borderless technique used by Nikon to feature selected cameras from their range.

TIP: When using this technique remember to add a caption to each photo. The caption should include a little more product information plus a link to the page on your website that features the product. Remember never send people to your home page, always take them directly to the relevant product page. By adding a caption it turns your photo into a way to generate more traffic to your website.


Secret Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

Even though each photo on Secret’s Facebook page has a lot of detail going on; their use of a consistent layout, with the products on the left and image on the right within each photo, creates an adhesive feel. This is helped by their use of the same blue background behind each photo so your eye focuses on the product. Here they’re featuring their new range of women’s deodorant scents.

TIP: If you’re going for a lot of detail in all or some of the photos, be mindful of how small the photo thumbnails are. Detailed / smaller images can still be effective if you use a technique similar to Secret or McDonald’s (below) where your background, colours or layout stay uniform. Kraft (further down) also does a great job with this.


mcDs Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

In this colourful example from McDonald’s above, they’re featuring their new range of dipping sauces. With the background colour and pattern changing in each photo, they’ve made clever use of a consistent layout, with the sauce pack on the top left and bowl bottom right, to make this work.


GC Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

With careful photography so the scale of the cars stays consistent, GMC’s created a gallery featuring their new vehicle range.

Crystal Light

Crystal Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

Crystal Light are low-calorie powdered drink mixes that come in about 40 flavours. Here they’ve made simple yet striking use of colour to feature a few of their flavours.

Goal: Get more traffic to your website (navigation)


Kraft Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

This example from Kraft combines a simple image with text that’s describes what to expect if you click on each photo. Click on Twitter for example and the caption for the photo gives you the link to their Twitter profile.

Since the image and text changes in each photo, their use of the same blue background is very effective at pulling the entire photo strip together visually. The rounded corners in the photo strip and the profile banner to match adds a point of difference from other pages.

TIP: When using this technique to get fans from Facebook onto your website, remember to add a caption below each photo. That way when a fan clicks on a photo from the Wall, the caption below the chosen photo gives them the link to get to the most relevant page on your website (or Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc depending on where you want fans to go).

SAH Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

ShopAt Home themes their profile banner but rarely change their photo strip. You can see the top of their current Halloween themed banner above. Instead they consistently advertise the 5 main benefits of being a ShopAtHome customer and drive traffic to those sections of their website.

TIP: Be sure to change the photo or link if you later remove the content from your website. This gets missed by companies all the time. It’s worth scheduling someone to check all your Facebook photo and info page links regularly to avoid annoying your fans with broken links.

Goals: Branding and Awareness


Blink Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

Blink makes clever use of blank images to focus attention on their one photo with their logo in it.


Lysol1 Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

Lysol’s running a promotion called Mission for Health at the moment with a focus on education, sharing content with consumers about health and well-being. They’ve taken a low-key approach with this simple yet clever visual where the ribbon connects each photo.

TIP: One of the frustrations of the photo strip on a Facebook page is, unlike your personal profile where the photos stay put, the order of the photos on your company page changes with each new view or refresh of the page.

To get around this, try using a visual element like Lysol has with the ribbon to ‘connect’ each photo, so even when the order changes the photos have an element that links them together. Even better, make them connect to your profile banner like Lysol has with the blue ribbon starting on the left from the word Health, for even greater effect.

Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Cairns Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

This eye-catching example captures the excitement of spotting marine fish among the coral when snorkeling and diving. If you look closely you’ll see, unlike Lysol, that the images do not line up but the repetitive nature of the images still creates the same illusion.


Ms1 Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

Another example of how simple can really stand out. Here M&M’s has featured their ‘family’ of M&M’s with each character in the centre of each photo and the grey background kept the same behind each one. A great idea for when you’re between promotions.


Target Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

Another example of creative use of a theme, this time a promotion by Target. They’ve matched both their profile banner and the photo strip to their current Halloween-themed promotion ‘Be the good house’.


Pringles Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

Notice something missing from all the examples above? People! Facebook ads with people in the photo consistently convert better than photos without people and this technique is a great one to use for your photo strip as well.

You could channel the Brady Bunch opening credits with this idea to great effect, with some people looking straight ahead and other looking at each other (like the woman pictured in the 4th photo from the left).

TIP: make sure you try refreshing your page a few times once you’ve decided on your photos to ensure they work no matter what order they appear in.

Toys R Us

Toysr Free Facebook advertising youre missing out on

Similar to Lysol, Toys R Us has taken a clever approach to link each photo together using the grass. Notice however that the tree will spoil this effect when the photo strip order changes.

Hopefully that collection has got you inspired and ready to unleash your creativity. Don’t forget to sign up to get free updates (top of this page) so you get the template to hack your photo strip to turn it into your own free Facebook ads. Come back and share your page in the comments below once done and check out our page on Facebook as well :)

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