Best of the web mashup #1

masher Best of the web mashup #1Welcome to the first of our ‘best of the web’ mashups. These mashups are voted by you, Orchid’s Twitter followers. Every time you clicked one of the links in our tweets, we track that click, measuring what you love and what gets ignored (just as well tweets don’t have feelings). The best of the best make it to our mashups.  So grab a cuppa and prepare for a whole lot of education, inspiration and entertainment in one place.


Do you put links at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of your tweets? Find out where your link placement in tweets should be to get you more clicks.

Why are recent Twitter stats so hard to find?! Save time and check out the updated Twitter stats for 2011 here on Marketing Gum.

Speaking of blogs and Twitter, here are 10 ways to boost traffic to your blog using Twitter.

Still a Twitter newbie or just don’t ‘get it’ yet? These 50 must read Twitter tips are just for you.


More than a Facebook facelift: A round-up of the recent Facebook changes.

Free Facebook advertising your company is missing out on, with some very clever examples as inspiration for how you can use it to promote your products and services.

Will you earn more from your Facebook fans or your Twitter followers? Find out who’s more likely to purchase from you.

Is your company on Facebook? Do you offer products or services to other New Zealand businesses? If you answered yes to both questions then here’s a quick and legitimate way to get more likes from NZ business owners and decision makers. Simply add your page to this list in LinkedIn

This one’s for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more: How to optimise your profile on the most popular social media sites for SEO.


7 quick ways to tweak your LinkedIn profile so it gets you new business.

Two groups worth joining on LinkedIn to connect with other local business owners:

Both are open groups so you can check them out before you join.

Business Ideas & Inspiration

This guy went from zero to 700 million dollar turnover in just 4 years in an incredibly competitive market with a perishable product! Find out how he did it: The $700 million dollar startup 

Are deal websites like Groupon and Spreets worth it for your business? Check out the math of daily deals which raises some important points to consider before you rush in.

Conversion and User Experience (UX)

The magic button that increases eCommerce sales. What do your buttons say?

Find out which gets you more clicks: putting your buttons on the left or right?

Your website navigation should take users from learning to action. Is your website navigation in the right order?

Want to super charge your number of email subscribers? Find out the 7 highest-converting places to put your email sign-up forms.

10 simple yet powerful ways to increase your website’s conversion rate by reducing friction.


6 copywriting steps to selling more online, a great infographic from the team at Social Media Examiner.

3 copywriting remedies to use when your sales pages are failing you.


Why you should never pair red and green together in website design (not the reason you think).

Do you know what your 404 page looks like? Here are 40 of the best 404 pages for inspiration and here’s our 404 page too.

TIP: Just type in your domain name followed by /404 – eg: – to check yours is ok. You’d be surprised how many of your visitors see it so make sure yours helps them find their way back to your website content.

From the Toolbox

Tynt is a tool that ensures when someone copy and pastes content from your website or blog, a link to the original content is automatically added. To see Tynt in action, copy and paste content from this article. You can get Tynt here

Working out time zones drives me mad on a weekly basis. Not any more. Here is the best time zone site I’ve seen so far.

Find out the questions people are typing into search engines about your products and services and use this tool to get inspired for what to write your next blog article about. Simply enter one of your keywords to get started with WordTracker


In homage to Steve Jobs, the Orchid team created this infographic: Thank You Steve Jobs which follows Jobs’ achievements from the founding of Apple in 1976 to his untimely death in 2011.

For the geeks

45 years ago Star Trek first aired on NBC. 6 series and 11 movies later, have their futuristic gadgets become a reality? Here are 8 Star Trek gadgets that are no longer fiction.

QR Codes

QR code use is getting creative:

  • This Boston restaurant serves edible QR codes.
  • Rollout has created QR wallpaper which could have been done better in my humble opinion, what an eyesore, but at least you can’t miss it!
  • There’s also QR wrapping paper which is a good starting point but again, I’d love to see more creativity.
  • QR jewelry.
  • The Oreo cookie QR code, yum!
  • QR codes being used in art – and an NZ artist who won $15,000 with his QR code painting

Some of the designer QR codes out there are tiny works of art which would make alternative QR code applications like these really stand out.

YouTube and Video

A powerful secret to getting masses of views of your YouTube videos (written by someone who used this to get 8,500 views of their new video in a few days).

In a stunning fusion of art, fashion and technology, Ralph Lauren transforms their Madison Avenue store, watch the video.

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